5 Things Your Shopping Habits Say About You

March 28, 2018

Whether you frequent the CAUSEBOX website or you just stumbled upon it for the first time after searching for more information about sustainable fashion, odds are you’re interested in socially conscious shopping. That’s awesome! We’re so excited to that you’ve found us and can’t wait to help you learn more about shopping ethically and spending your money in a way that supports sustainable living.

You might not have any idea how much you can learn simply by observing your shopping habits. Below are 5 things you didn’t know you know your shopping habits say about you...

You like instant gratification

Maybe you’re the kind of person who decides you want something and goes shopping for it right away. While it’s nice to check things off a to-do list (or a to-buy list), how often do you regret buying something immediately instead of waiting a few days to weigh your options. It’s worth considering waiting a little while and investing in something that you know you’ll love instead of spending money on something that you’ll end up using once.

You like being impulsive

Impulsivity can be the sixth love language but it can also be a big downfall. Sometimes being impulsive turns into an spontaneous road trip and the best memories, but sometimes being impulsive looks like spending $70 dollars at Target when all you needed was toothpaste. And while the former is amazing, a lot of us could work on reigning in the latter. Sticking to the list of things you need can save so much more money than we realize and give us flexibility to spend that money on purchases that are worthwhile and benefit ethically made products. Next time you’re feeling impulsive, try making a memory and go on a late night adventure instead of blowing your money on stuff you don’t really want or need.

You like convenience

If you’re the kind of person that likes to go to the nearest place to pick up the things that you need or find the website that has the fastest and cheapest shipping - whether that’s toiletries, groceries, or a new pair of shoes - you are the type of person whose priority is convenience. And while I am 100% guilty of midnight runs to WalMart because it was the only place open, it’s always cheap, and it’s the shortest drive… that often means sacrificing some ethical convictions in the process. Although buying what you want, when you want it, and at the cheapest price can feel good on your time and budget, long-term, there is much more peace of mind driving a little further, waiting a few extra days, and paying a few more dollars knowing that what is being purchased has been priced with the well-being of the artisans who made and sold it in mind.

You simply like to shop

For some, shopping is more than just the act of buying goods. Maybe you are one of those that likes to shop with your friends as a way to socialize or maybe you like shopping by yourself as a hobby or mental break. Whether you’re frequenting the local mall, or spending time shopping on Amazon, it’s not inherently wrong. Just keep in mind where you’re shopping and if you actually know where they get the goods they sell. If you’re spending a lot of your time shopping at H&M or Zara, you may want to rethink. While their clothes may be inexpensive and cutting-edge fashionable, keep in mind that in order for companies like that to make clothes as cheap as possible, they are often cutting ethical and quality corners in order to attract you to the great style and seemingly too-good-to-be-true prices.

You like to shop with your head and your heart

Simply browsing a business like CAUSEBOX and stumbling upon an article like this speaks volumes about your heart wanting to shop with your eyes open. It is so easy to simply hear about an issue and move on, and I commend you for taking the next step to looking further into the problems with fast fashion. Thank you so much for choosing not to simply turn the other way. Whether you’ve been shopping sustainably or you are completely new to this movement, every small decision adds up to make a big difference. By shopping more consciously you’re thinking about the people behind the goods that you’re buying. We believe it’s not about simply getting what we, as the consumers, need -- it’s about shopping smart and remembering that each product has people behind it with faces and names that deserve to be treated with justice and love for the work that they put into the good the provide for us, whether it be a bag of coffee beans, a new mascara, or pair of jeans.

Did any of those traits resonate with how you shop? Your shopping habits can say a lot more about you than you realize, but there it doesn’t stop here. Stay tuned to learn 5 things you didn’t know your closet says about you.

Emily is a proud born Michigander who loves camping, coffee and petting golden retriever puppies.