7 Ways to Bring Hygge into the Springtime

March 27, 2018

If you've ever been on Pinterest, chances are you've seen the word "hygge." Usually accompanied by photos of fireplaces and big, chunky blankets, hygge is a Danish term that has no direct counterpart in the English language, but roughly translates to "cozy." While this leads most people to picture chilly autumn and winter nights in, a lot of people don't realize that hygge can be a year-round concept. A better definition of hygge, perhaps, might be "the feeling when all elements of a situation come together to create a sense of calm fulfillment." While the perfect candle, fuzzy socks, and a cup of hot chocolate with your friends can certainly achieve this feeling, there are also plenty of ways to implement it in the Springtime as well.

1. Fill your house with plants, light, and a Spring scent:

While your environment itself doesn't make "hygge" happen, it can be a contributing factor in putting you into the calm and fulfilled emotional state that embodies hygge. Embracing the seasonal elements of Spring is one way to refresh your home to create the perfect space for hygge to happen. Bring the blooms of the season into your home, try your hand at keeping some houseplants alive, open all your windows, and fill your space with bright light. For an added touch of Spring, use the P.F. Candle Co. Amber and Moss Reed Diffuser from your Spring Causebox to add a fresh, earthy scent into your space.

2. Organize a picnic:

Pick a beautiful clear day and organize a potluck picnic at the park or beach. Create a tapestry by layering your favorite blankets and rugs. Create a floral arrangement in the center. Play some acoustic music on a portable speaker, drink wine, and eat all the different foods your friends made just for one another.

3. Take a bike ride to a Farmer's Market:

The next time you think, "wow, it's a beautiful day!" hop on your bike and head to the nearest farmers market. Pick out flowers and fruit, then go home and arrange a spring centerpiece while enjoying a super fresh, healthy snack. Allow yourself to take as much time doing this activity as you want to. Think outside the box. Hang flowers by strings to make a floral chandelier, press them into a glass frame, or simply cut them and place them in a jug or pitcher.

4. Organize a Polaroid photo shoot with your best friend:

Pretend you're a famous model. Set the environment for a photo shoot with your favorite music, scents, and snacks. Then, put on whatever outfit makes you happiest (nothing uncomfortable- don't worry too much about how you look) and take some Polaroids with your best friend. Plan never to show them to anyone else to alleviate any pressure.

5. Host a bonfire:

Take advantage of the warmer weather and organize a cozy outdoor gathering. Getting outside is an easy way to add hygge to your life, and a backyard fire pit or beach bonfire are perfect ways to bring friends and family together for some good food and conversation.

6. Take a train ride to nowhere:

They say the journey is often more important than the destination, and embracing this mindset can transition you out of a "to do" mindset and help you be more present. Search the most scenic train rides in your area and buy a ticket for you and a friend. Spend the whole afternoon looking out the windows and chatting. A stop at the food trolley car for some tea never hurts either!

7. Make bread:

There's nothing like some warm comfort food to help you get that sense of hygge. While soup and hot chocolate might be a little out of season during this time of year, fresh baked bread never goes out of style. The patience the rising dough requires and the smells it fills your home with are the ultimate comfort.

Remember, hygge is all about peace, presence, contentment, and connection, no matter the season!

Megan Acuna is a Youtuber (www.Youtube.com/c/meganacuna) and blogger (www.meganacuna.com) who focuses on ethical and affordable lifestyle. She believes that anyone can live life beautifully while being a responsible consumer and not breaking the bank. When she is not writing or making videos, she can usually be found at home watching Parks and Recreation with her husband Matt.