A Wyld and Happy Accident

Wyld Skincare is an amazing company that almost didn’t happen. Founder Joy Yap moved to Canada from Malaysia for her career seven years ago, and one day she found out that a paperwork error meant her work visa expired early. Joy laughs, I told my boss, “I can’t come to work tomorrow, I don’t have a visa!”

With a forced break from employment, Joy got to choose how to respond. “The idea is that when something bad happens to you, it pushes you to do something that your heart has always wanted to — and it happens even faster when you don’t have a choice!” Joy has long been passionate about the environment and animal rights, and she also had a longtime passion for skincare. Born with a skin condition that would draw attention in grade school if left untreated, Yap learned quickly. “Even from a young age, I was obsessed with skin and how skin works. I understood the regeneration of skin cells and how skin works, how to make sure mine looked like everyone else’s.”

The answer was in dermabrasion. “The problem is, my skin is very sensitive! So I had to find natural skin care that also helped with that abrasion.” Joy’s accelerated move into entrepreneurship was solidified when she found the plant-based sponge that became Wyld’s first product.

The konjac plant grows wild in southeast Asia, and it thrives in its native environments without irrigation or fertilizers. Once it’s harvested, it’s infused with the ingredients from around the world that give Wyld’s different sponges their unique properties.

“The French pink clay sponge in your Spring CAUSEBOX is infused with pink clay from France before it’s baked. We put all the ingredients together like a cookie dough then it’s baked in the oven like a cookie. It goes through a heating and cooling process before it solidifies into the sponge you’re holding!” The konjac sponge is as good for the planet as it is for your skin, and Joy has a unique lens on environmental impact, “I was a diver for many years, and I hated to see how much the ocean deteriorates every year. The thought that in future generations, people would not be able to dive or enjoy the ocean the way I had, was so sad for me.” Wyld pledges a portion of proceeds to Sea Shepherd, an action-oriented ocean conservation organization, which most notably uses ships to patrol critically threatened marine areas. We hope you enjoy using your sponge and learning more about the ways simple product swaps can make a big difference for the planet and your skin!

John is the managing editor at CAUSEBOX and a traveling writer who lives on the road with his dog, Hank.