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Allie Dye

A fashion graduate from the UK, I became totally intrigued by fashion ethics at university and wanted to become a part of the conversation online. Since returning from a year living in Sydney, Australia I set up Conscious Clothing Consumer to contribute to a positive change online.

Ethically-Made Gifts for the Gal Pals in your Life

Ethical and fair trade gifts are a great way to pass on and share your passion of conscious choices with friends! We’ve curated a list of gifts from places where you can always find a gift that’s ethical and has a great story to share with friends.

The First Steps to Shopping Consciously

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to being more aware of your shopping habits and making the shift towards more conscious shopping decisions — for that reason, we compiled our top three ways to become more aware of your shopping choices!

5 Clean Beauty Brands (And Our Favorite Products From Them)

Our skin is our largest organ, so what we’re putting on it day-in, day-out, is hugely important. Here is a selection of clean beauty brands we love and some of our favorite products from them!

3 Fast Facts About Fast Fashion

When we think of fashion, we immediately think of the runway, magazines, and our favorite clothes hanging in our closets — but the fashion industry has a darker side that we can combat with our buying habits as consumers!