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John Montesi

John is a lifelong writer who has made it his mission to find the best stories wherever they may be and tell them to as many people as will listen. He has written for big companies and small magazines and most everything in between and is currently working on his first full-length book! His commitment to finding and understanding the goodness in the world has taken him to nearly every state in America and brought him to CAUSEBOX where he gets to share Good News. You can read more of his thoughts at

Impact Stories: Collectively Created

Jenny Nuccio first traveled to Kenya in 2009 to work with a school in a village called Mtepeni. After that first visit, she returned every year. And, she says, “Every trip got progressively longer.”

SiiZU: Material Impact

SiiZU is one of the most innovative fashion brands we’ve ever encountered.

SAMARA: Impact Every Which Way

Simple solutions to complex problems, from solar-powered backpacks to apple leather.

Introducing Artisan Direct

One of our primary goals at CAUSEBOX is to create sustainable change, and one of the areas where that is especially challenging relates to the commitment we have to our artisan partners.

Pack Like a Pro

We reached out to three expert travelers and organizers to share their best tips on how to pack your carry-on:

Meet Mary, Our Low-Waste Champion

Mary spearheaded our weekly summer beach clean up campaign and serves as an inspiration to everyone at CAUSEBOX HQ when it comes to protecting our planet.

Terrazzo Makes a Comeback

There's a good reason the print on the Glass Ladder & Co. travel wallet feels so familiar.

The Ripple Effect

Nashelle was started to connect a love of metalworking and a passion for people. Twenty years later, the company has used its platform to spread good and provide more than 1 million meals for the hungry.

Know Who Made It

"The predominant positive trends in fashion are related to environmental sustainability and supply chain, but we feel that the humanity piece is still missing. This is what we are trying to change."

A Wyld and Happy Accident

Founder Joy Yap moved to Canada from Malaysia for her career seven years ago, and one day she found out that a paperwork error meant her work visa expired early. Joy laughs, I told my boss, “I can’t come to work tomorrow, I don’t have a visa!”

Interview: Nadia Babar, Founder of Kálos

"Kálos represents a compilation of my life experiences. I have always been quite the introvert but I found a way to share my story and express who I am through building a brand."

Bamboo for Brighter Days

One set of our bamboo lyocell sheets uses 3,031 gallons of water less to produce than a traditional cotton bed sheet set. Ettitude’s technology recycles and reuses water up to 200 times, recycling 98% of water in the process and minimizing waste.

Good As Gold

It's not the bracelet that changes the world, it's the women who wear it.

Three Simple Benefits of Houseplants

From producing oxygen to mitigating the effects of climate change, forests play a vital role in our environment. Creating a houseplant forest can have similar effects in your home!

How The Spring Box Gives Back

​The Spring Box is empowering and impacting charities and communities all around the world, and every product in the box gives back and does good in its own way.

Shattered Ceilings & Glass Ladders

"This is the era of shattered glass ceilings that don’t stand a chance against our ladders to the top, of women finding equal ground in the workplace, of the female entrepreneur or executive. The future is female and this era is ours.”

Cleobella: Integrity from Production to Purchase

To Cleobella, female empowerment means raising the consciousness of female integrity from production to purchase.

Your #Goals Conquered

Katie Gastley and her company, Idlewild Co., are our favorite kind of success story. With art, ambition and sustainable practices, Idlewild has grown to be one of the largest independent stationery companies in America.

DIY Turned All-Natural Beauty Brand, KLEI Beauty

KLEI Beauty founder, Valerie Smith, remembers creating her own beauty treatments long before starting her own brand. From those early on DIY projects, to a side-hustle passion project, to a full fledged beauty brand, KLEI Beauty — get the full story here!

LSTN: The Power of Hearing

LSTN co-founder Bridget Hilton knows the power of hearing. Music and sound gave her early life much of its meaning, and led her to create an amazing brand that creates headphones and speakers, and delivers the gift of hearing to people around the world.

Luna Nectar, Science, and Self-Care

We chatted with Luna Nectar founder Mia Kut about her own life experiences and her philosophy on natural beauty products.

Matr Boomie: With Heart by Hand

Manish Gupta, the man behind Matr Boomie, has a unique and incredibly involved vision for his company. Matr Boomie began as a natural extension of his connection to Indian craftsmanship and his refusal to accept the status quo.

SiiZU: Sustainability Styled

Meet SiiZU, the brand behind the exclusively designed poncho in the Winter Box. Committed to achieving the impossible, it delivers gorgeous, high-quality apparel that is crafted with an obsession for sustainability.

Drink and Do Good

d.stil makes high-design reusable water bottles accessible to all buyers while using its platform to create a direct impact model and reducing demand for single-use plastic water bottles. Read more about the brand, and the water bottle, that does it all!

Connecting Worlds Through Fashion

Tribe Alive is a longtime favorite partner of CAUSEBOX. Their fashionable designs and incredible commitment to transparency and artisan relationships turned us into fast friends, and the exclusive clutch we collaborated on highlights that relationship!

The Eco-Friendly Do-Everything Turkish Towel

Tiffany Shown remembers the night that led to Fair Seas Supply Co. — digging deeper into where her everyday items came from and the journey they took before being purchased by consumers, and committing to changing that story!

The P.F. Candle Co. Scent

Read about the wild ride that has taken Tom and Kristen, founders of P.F. Candle Co. from part-time crafting in Austin to running a successful business in Los Angeles!

Symbology Clothing: Design and the Human Story

We chatted with Marissa Heyl, the founder of Symbology, the brand behind the kimono in your Spring Box, to hear about how she got her start, her vision for the brand, and so much more!

From Farm to Skin, The Juice Beauty Motto

Juice Beauty’s story starts with founder Karen Bankhe and her experience searching for (at the time, non-existent) clean skincare products during her pregnancy. The brand has now been dedicated to clean beauty for over twelve years!

Scentuals All-Natural & Organic Skincare

Mai Mowrey, the founder of Scentuals, is honest about her background in organic products. Learn more about her transition from her initial job in the cosmetics industry to starting Scentuals, an all-natural, organic skincare brand!

Tradition in Every Stitch

Making traditional crafts relevant and sustainable is a cause that is dear to Madhu and Partha, the founders of Bloom and Give, and it is clear that their project is driven by passion more than anything.

The Soko Story

Soko’s goal is to create affordable, ethically made jewelry while delivering mainstream-ready and fashion forward designs, and to further develop the global artisan economy — we spoke to Giovanna Alfieri, VP of Marketing, to dig deeper into that story.

5 Questions with Marylou Faure

Meet Marylou Faure, the artist behind the Spring Box, and read our conversation with her about the box design, her favorite cause, her artistic influences, and more!

Tribe Alive x Sarah Sherman Samuel

A story of the bond between a world-class designer, talented artisans halfway across the world, and CAUSEBOX members through this beautiful table runner.

Clean Beauty

Honest Beauty does beauty differently. Honest is committed to bringing the ‘clean beauty’ movement to the mainstream, and it starts with the ingredients.

From Quilt to Box

Winter CAUSEBOX was designed by two architects. Join us as we follow along with Maggie and Colleen Clines from classrooms at Rhode Island School of Design to artisan workshops in Kolkata, India to designing the amazing Winter Box.

One of the Cleanest Candles You Will Ever Burn

Just as more brands are becoming conscious of the ingredients that we use on our body, Level believes in the importance of the ingredients in the candles that we burn in our homes.

A Family Affair: The Half United Story

Brother and sister duo, Christian and Carmin, founded Half United on a mission to combine their two biggest passions: helping those in need and ethical fashion. Seven years later it's safe to say they have had a big impact on social enterprise.

Behind the Beanie

Krochet Kids Intl. co-founder and CEO, Kohl Crecelius shares the story of his company's humble beginnings and lucky breaks.

A Conversation with Award Winning Designer (and Fall Box Artist!) Caterina Bianchini

London-based artist Caterina Bianchini has an amazing international background and an infectious creative spirit. She also designed the Fall CAUSEBOX, which might just be our favorite one yet.

Badala, or Together

Badala is the Swahili word for ‘instead,’ and that word and idea is powerfully worked into every piece that Joelle McNamara and her company creates.

Mela: An Artisan Story

Artisans in Sambhal, India are part of a bigger story — one where talented youth are recruited away from the preservation of their ancestors' trade, towards urban capitals and global corporations. Mela Artisans is giving them another option.

Five Wonder Women We Know and Love

We all have wonder women in our lives--and these five are all key heroes in the SUMMER CAUSEBOX.

It's Time to Rethink Skincare

Nadia Babar worked in the beauty industry for years. When she couldn't find products she wanted to put on her own skin, Kálos was born.

Bobbi Bankston | The Mason Bar Company

Bobbi Bankston is the founder of the Mason Bar Company, but that's just one of this superwoman's job titles.

Chandler Busby | Haiti Design Co.

Chandler Busby studied apparel design and fashion merchandising in college, but a trip to Haiti truly solidified her future in the sustainable fashion industry.


When was the last time you truly relaxed? Relaxing is hard work, and not enough people encourage us to do it.

Right at Home

Carly Burson moved to Texas with her family for what was supposed to be a one-year stint. Now, more than four years later, Carly and Tribe Alive are hitting their stride in Fort Worth, drawing inspiration from her team of artisans across the globe.

Heather Nashelle on Jewelry, Family, and Food

Heather Nashelle started her family and her jewelry business at the same time. Here's why they've grown together ever since.

Meet Hank the CAUSEBOX Office Dog

Dogs are just the best. Meet CAUSEBOX Team member Hank the Catahoula and get to know his favorite tricks and office nap spots.