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Megan Acuna

Megan Acuna is a Youtuber ( and blogger ( who focuses on ethical and affordable lifestyle. She
believes that anyone can live life beautifully while being a responsible
consumer and not breaking the bank. When she is not writing or making
videos, she can usually be found at home watching Parks and Recreation
with her husband Matt.

5 Easy Changes You Can Make for a Greener Kitchen

We rounded up a few small changes you can make for a greener kitchen, starting with swapping paper towels with re-usable ones, such as the Bloom & Give Tea Towels from the Spring Box!

7 Ways to Bring Hygge into the Springtime

If you've ever been on Pinterest, chances are you've seen the word "hygge." While the perfect candle, fuzzy socks, and a cup of hot chocolate can certainly achieve this feeling, there are also plenty of ways to implement it in the Springtime as well!