What is a B Corp?

December 7, 2017

If you’re familiar with Social Enterprise, or maybe follow a few socially conscious brands on Instagram, there’s a chance you’ve seen the above “B” brand mark, or maybe have heard the term: B Corporation being used more and more of late. This, to us at CAUSEBOX—and to many of our contemporaries striving to use business as a force for good—is music to our ears. Why? Because we long for a world in which the power of markets and commerce can be used to effect deep and lasting positive change—where for-profit businesses are judged not just on their economic successes, but also on the wellbeing of their employees, and on the efficacy of their efforts to solve environmental and economic problems worldwide.

This is, in essence, the hope of B Lab—the nonprofit that created the B Corporation certification—to see more and more companies view success as a measure of positive impact, and not simply as the bottom line number of a PnL sheet.

So, what did CAUSEBOX (or Patagonia, or Warby Parker, or Dogeared, or KeepCup) have to do to earn B Corp certification? Well, we embarked on a rigorous process of audit and change to ensure that our company met a host of standards for sustainability, employment practices, and corporate structure, so that at every critical juncture, we know that our first priorities are to benefit all and do no harm, rather than make more money. The assessment spanned all facets of our business: from how we source and pay our vendors, to where and how our warehouse is managed. We updated our company handbook, had overdue conversations with our employees about what they wanted from CAUSEBOX, and we signed the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence, making known to partners and shareholders alike the non-monetary goals we have for our business.

We couldn’t be prouder to be a certified B Corporation. In each end every CAUSEBOX we curate, we strive to tell the stories of incredible companies doing amazing things all over the globe. By earning B Corp certification, we can confidently say that we too are doing our best to be a force for good in this world.

Co-founder and COO