CAUSEBOX Pinterest 2.0

June 4, 2018

Pinterest is my favorite creative outlet. I’m hyper-organized by nature and I gravitate towards beautiful imagery when seeking inspiration, so it could not be a more perfect platform for me to indulge in. When tasked with the assignment to revamp CAUSEBOX’s Pinterest account, I knew that while it would be time consuming, it would also be incredibly stimulating, and it would fulfill all my organizational and creative inclinations in one fell swoop. It would also force me to reflect on all that CAUSEBOX is, so that I could accurately represent its well-roundedness in a visually concrete way.

One of my favorite things about CAUSEBOX is that well-roundedness. Yes, we are a company, a membership for socially conscious women, but we are so much more than this in our day-to-day workings. We are curators, product obsessors, and trend reporters. We are creative collaborators meticulously conceiving color palettes, mood boards, and seasonally appropriate aesthetics. We are content makers spending days on end each season styling photo shoots and researching interesting video concepts that best highlight the products and companies we want to celebrate each season. We are advocates for those making the world a better place through social enterprise and we are supporters of the environment, our local community, and the communities far from us seeking empowerment and a better quality of life.

Our new Pinterest page is an opportunity for us to give you a comprehensive visual tour of all that we’re doing and all that we stand for as a company and a brand — think of it as our visual mission statement. You’ll get an insight into the color stories and mood boards we curate to direct our seasonal aesthetic choices. You’ll find recommendations for brands pioneering social change through incredible products and chic editorial imagery. You’ll see behind-the-scenes production images of our talented artisan partners abroad — as they make the amazing products that you receive in your boxes. You can even sift through boards that have nothing to do with CAUSEBOX but everything to do with the individuals working for it. Things like coffee, street-style, and flowers that keep us inspired and well-rounded while reminding us that by seeking enjoyment and simple pleasures in life, we can put our best selves into the work that we’re doing.

I hope our new page helps you understand what we’re doing and gives you an extensive new socially conscious company directory to look to, should you be in the market for a new product or gift, or just want to fill some of your free time with inspiration and delight. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring!

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Hannah Swank is the Brand Director at CAUSEBOX overseeing everything from merchandising each box to designing products to styling every photoshoot. When she's not curating our next seasonal mood board or researching the latest clean beauty trends, you can find her hiking or experimenting with recipes in the kitchen.