Ethically-Made Gifts for the Gal Pals in your Life

May 10, 2018

Ethical and fair trade gifts are a great way to pass on and share your passion of conscious choices with friends, without being preachy. A lot of research shows that people are very interested in making sustainable choices, but a lot of the time they just don’t know where to start. So we’ve curated a list of gifts from different places where you can always find a perfect gift that’s an ethical choice and has a great story behind it to share with friends.

B & G Classic Tote From Bloom & Give

This classic and versatile Tote Bag is a perfect gift for any busy gal pal. It’s made from two very durable materials—canvas and soft leather by Bloom & Give; which had a two set of beautiful tea towels featured in the recent Spring CAUSEBOX. Those towels contributed to 100 girls going to school in India. 10% of all purchases, which is half their profits, go directly to funding girls’ education in India.

Bloom & Give’s products are all unique and handmade which makes them perfect gifts. Each product has a brilliant story and the company’s mission to send girls to school is the ultimate feel-good gift; to give and receive. Each shipment includes a card that describes how your purchase helps change girls’ lives; you can include a personalized message to be printed on the card. They also offer free shipping and returns within the US!

Room Spray 3-Pack: Great Escape From P. F. Candle Co.

P. F. Candle Co. has introduced me to some of the most amazing smells I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. Since their reed diffuser was featured in the Spring CAUSEBOX, I’ve been obsessed! So, they had to be featured in the list of gifts for your gal pals, because sharing is caring. Share these great smells.

This particular product is a travel pack of three room sprays to brighten up any space whether at home or on the road, including Teakwood & Tobacco, Pinon, and Cannabis. All of their products are designed, produced and shipped from their factory in LA, California.

Small Ceramic Box From The Little Market

This little treasure of a ceramic box is perfect to organize things in your gal pal’s room. It’s found on The Little Market – an online marketplace to find all your ethical gifts from artisans across the world. The Little Market is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla to empower women around the world and preserve culture. An artisan in Morocco made this particular product and comes in three different sizes.

Medieval Reverse Painted Tray From Ten Thousand Village

For the hostess with the mostest. For the gal pal that is always opening her home to others, and hosting those girly nights.

This beautiful tray is handcrafted in Peru. The Medieval Reverse Painted Tray features a glass painting where the design is silk-screened onto the reverse side of the glass. The technique used in the creation of the tray dates back to the middle ages, requiring a great deal of care and skill. The surface is created through multiple layers to create the finished effect; meaning any errors cannot be corrected.

Ten Thousand Villages is an online marketplace started by Edna Ruth, inspired while she was travelling Puerto Rico with her husband and saw beautiful hand embroidered textiles. She bought some from the local market and took them back to the US to sell and the nonprofit, ethical organization has grown from there.

Peggy Fine Art Print From Ethical Market

Brighten up a gal pal’s walls with this cheeky 50’s housewife wall art. Made in the UK with eco-friendly inks and is hand screen-printed. A company called Dupenny, with a whole variety of cheeky 50’s inspired prints, makes them.

Found on Ethical market, which was set up by Raquel, after learning about the costs of cheap clothes. Raquel starting listing ethical brands that care about the impact of their supply chain making it easier for you to shop consciously. And they ship internationally!

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