From Farm to Skin, The Juice Beauty Motto

March 14, 2018

Juice Beauty’s story starts with founder Karen Bankhe. When she got pregnant with her first child at age 41, she began to read cosmetics labels far more carefully. At the time, clean beauty products did not exist, and she was alarmed by the ingredients of all the products on the market. Jadey Chow, a senior marketing manager at Juice Beauty, explains, “A lot of people aren’t able to pick up on the harmful components in a product because all of the names are so foreign and chemical.”

Chow explains that Juice “Brings not only vegan products to market, but plant-based vegan products. In the case of your mascara, we use purple carrots to get that dark color instead of the more traditional chemicals that achieve the classic ‘carbon black’ color. I don’t even want to go into what all ingredients are in that dye!”

Gwyneth Paltrow is Juice Beauty’s Creative Director of Makeup. “She is very big in the red carpet space and has so much experience with makeup in a variety of settings, she now comes to our product development team and says, ‘Here are the products that I have to use, how can we make them clean?’”

The brand has been dedicated to clean beauty for over twelve years, “We really like to call Juice Beauty the OG of clean beauty. Now there are a lot of brands in this space, and the market is becoming increasingly aware of the need for clean ingredients. Karen puts our products up to the same clinical tests as the same big brands to prove those claims like, ‘95% of people saw reductions in fine lines and wrinkles.’

“In order to achieve the pigments that we do, you have to use a lot of organics, which is a cost consideration, but it is worth it to deliver meaningful and functional products that people return to for their ingredients and their effectiveness. In spite of the trend towards organics, a lot of people are still of the mindset that chemicals are what works!”

Juice Beauty’s dedication to clean, naturally-derived products is truly impressive. The company now operates an organic farm in Sonoma, California that allows it to bring the motto ‘farm to skin’ fully in-house and solves one of the largest problems the brand has faced so far—consistent sourcing of uncommon ingredients like the purplecarrots!

When asked about the impact Juice Beauty has had on her own life, Chow says, “Prior to working here, I thought I cared about what products I used, but there were a lot of things that I didn’t fully realize. Like how much lipstick a woman actually eats in her lifetime!"

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