Heather Nashelle on Jewelry, Family, and Food

Heather Nashelle is an inspiring, old-fashioned success story. 

She runs a thriving business, is a mother to six beautiful children, and is a multitalented designer. All of these things are amazing accomplishments in their own rights, but how she got here is even more impressive. She battled a serious learning disability throughout school, which led her to profound creative expression. She’s an Alaskaraised, snowboarding, skateboarding, artist with a knack for making beautiful things out of whatever surrounds her. When she took a metalworking class, something clicked in a new way, and she soon combined her physical skills and unique creative eye to make jewelry. Her first pieces were literally sold off her body, which led her to pursue her craft at a deeper level. Her business quietly grew, until she reached a major turning point in her life and her career. “When I gave birth to my first son, Kash, I decided I wanted to give him the best future that I possibly could. His birth inspired me to take my work to a national trade show and see if I had a shot at creating a solid brand in the fashion industry,” Heather remembers. It was there that she realized Nashelle had the story and products to become a much larger company.

Nashelle brings the same attitude that led Heather from Alaska to Oregon (and so many places in between!) to every piece of jewelry it makes. By boldly and creatively straddling the lines between classy and edgy, creative and familiar, Heather brings all of her life experiences and sensibilities to her designs. Nashelle sources virtually all of its materials in the United States, aside from stones that are sourced and refined in India. A team of thirty talented creatives brings Heather’s designs from sketch to finished product in a month or two, four to five times a year. And her family brings just as much energy to all the moments she’s not at work.

Her family and her Nashelle team provide inspiration and encouragement to donate one full meal for every piece of jewelry sold. Nationally, Nashelle partners with Feeding America, and at home in Bend, it works with NeighborImpact. Between the two, Nashelle and its customers have provided 407,000 meals in the last four years. So when you slip on your new ring, think about the story that led from learning difficulties in Alaska to master craftwork in Oregon to a plate full of food wherever it’s needed most.

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John is the managing editor at CAUSEBOX and a traveling writer who lives on the road with his dog, Hank.