A Conversation with Award Winning Designer (and Fall Box Artist!) Caterina Bianchini

October 3, 2017

Caterina Bianchini is a talented designer and artist based in London. She has an amazing international background and an infectious creative spirit. Caterina designed our Fall CAUSEBOX, which might just be our favorite one yet. Read on to learn the story behind the artist (and the art) responsible for your Fall box!


Tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you and what led you to becoming a designer?

I am a freelance designer and art director based in London, but I am originally from Edinburgh. My family is Italian, which allowed me to be surrounded by various cultures growing up and travelling between Scotland and Italy. My whole family were pretty artistic and musical, and my mum was always very open to us choosing what we wanted to do. I remember once her letting me glue newspaper to cover our entire garden shed for a picture I wanted to take on my Olympus 35mm camera. It looked amazing, I still have a huge print of it.

Your designs have ended up in some amazing places! What are a few of your favorite (or most memorable) design experiences? Any funny or surprising stories?

Well, my graduate project was bought and has now been stored in an art heritage collection in the north of Scotland, that's a pretty amazing one, to be a part of art history! I wish I could say I have seen my designs somewhere totally mad, but I haven't, not yet anyway!

Where do you get your inspiration?

I always find this question so hard! I think because, now especially, we are constantly on social media, or online I would have to say a lot of my inspiration comes from there, but then I also always notice signs or typography/colour when I am out. My camera roll on my phone is mainly of pictures that I have taken of objects or design that has inspired me whilst I have been out. I think it is important to constantly get inspiration from new sources too, so, even though social media is amazing, I also love buying or finding books.

Tell us about what colour and shape mean to you.

Colour and shape are the main components of my design, so they mean a lot. I use shapes to create an interesting space within my designs or to fill the design out to create a more dynamic composition. I love using bold colorful shapes, they can be so abstract but also creating something that has a really illustrated finish. I think colour can be a good way to allow people to relate to your design. Some colours emit certain feelings and I think this is something that if you can incorporate within a design really brings the project to life, and in doing so, the work becomes more relatable and humanist.

What about the design process -- how do you bring all the elements of ideas, inspiration, colors, shapes, and media together to create a finished product?

This usually takes a little longer, bringing together all the elements can sometimes mean working on different variations until the final one is selected. I usually start to build onto the canvas and then will work on placement of everything I am looking to use within the design. Sometimes I think it works right away; other times I feel like something is missing or there needs to be something that can give it some uniqueness! I usually will take time at this stage and sometimes will leave a design for a while and come back to it, to create some fresh thinking.

Speaking of finished products--what can you share with us about the Fall CAUSEBOX? How did its design come into being? What does it mean to you?

This design was based on colour and tones that referenced the countries the products were from. The shapes were developed based on the outlines of each of said countries. I really wanted the concept to heavily relate back to the content of the box, creating something coherent and memorable. I really enjoyed working on this as I felt like the direction was really free allowing me to express my design thinking and create something through feeling rather than simply working from a brief.

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John is the managing editor at CAUSEBOX and a traveling writer who lives on the road with his dog, Hank.