Know Who Made It

August 23, 2019

KNOWN SUPPLY co-founder Kohl Crecilius sums up his brand with one statement, “We introduce shoppers directly to the person who made their clothes. We believe this level of transparency not only increases connections globally, but it builds empathy and understanding using one of the most universally known items: clothing.”

He continues, “In my opinion, at the root of so many of these immense social issues—gender inequality, climate change, modern day slavery (three of the main issues the fashion industry is most guilty of contributing to)—there is a fundamental lack of humanity. Marginalized groups are labeled as "other" and at that distance systems of oppression are built. However, when we can remove that distance, we can help people understand all that they share in common.”

Crecilius reflects on the brand’s path to widespread sustainable fashion, “My co-founder Travis and I started our first social enterprise in 2007, it’s called Krochet Kids Intl. The goal was to provide economic empowerment opportunities to women living in extremely vulnerable circumstances across the globe. At the time, the majority of international aid practices were focused on short-term services and few organizations were thinking about long-term capacity building for individuals and communities. We believed that this needed to change so we started with the literal tools we had—crochet hooks.”

“Fashion for us has always been a means to an end. As we grew Krochet Kids Intl. we recognized how truly broken the global fashion industry was, so we decided to leverage our years of experience to create solutions for the industry at large. To this day, it's clear that the predominant positive trends in fashion are related to environmental sustainability and supply chain, but we feel that the humanity piece is still missing. This is what we are trying to change.”

Kohl and Travis’s work led to longstanding, impactful partnerships, “Our early work in Uganda spawned into an amazing non-profit organization called Capable, and we partner with them to this day to help provide additional support and program services to the makers of all our accessories that we produce there.”

KNOWN SUPPLY is certified by Fair Trade USA for its apparel production and has their support in ensuring fair and safe working conditions and all they do to give makers additional resources and self efficacy through their Fair Trade Fund. Many impactful initiatives are happening via this fund worldwide and they are all maker-led.

KNOWN SUPPLY’s apparel production is Fair Trade Certified, which means they are ensuring fair and safe working conditions and giving makers additional resources and self-efficacy through their Fair Trade Fund. Inspiring and impactful initiatives are happening all over the world because of this fund and they are all maker-led.

John is the managing editor at CAUSEBOX and a traveling writer who lives on the road with his dog, Hank.