One of the Cleanest Candles You Will Ever Burn

Level Naturals was born on a farm in Hawaii and its products are all made by hand in Southern California. The company’s founders brought extensive knowledge of skincare and aromatherapy to their product lines, with the goal of providing consumers with simple formulas that are natural, transparent, clean and effective.


The candle in your Winter CAUSEBOX is one of the cleanest candles you’ll ever burn. Just as more brands are becoming conscious of the ingredients that we use on our body, Level believes in the importance of the ingredients in the candles that we burn in our homes. Most candles on the market have synthetic fragrances and use toxic waxes, which can pollute the air supply in your home when it's being burned.

Level uses only clean, non-toxic wax bases (like the soy candle in your CAUSEBOX) and only all-natural essential oils to scent their candles — and to top it off their wicks are lead free.

Level Naturals is a vegan, Leaping Bunny and PETA certified company. The company is dedicated to to developing high quality, all-natural products using plant-based technology. It believes that plant-derived ingredients are just as effective—if not more—as using animal byproducts. This extends from its bath bombs to its candles, common household products that are rarely subject to the same kind of scrutiny as more conspicuous goods. Level Naturals brings the same standard of natural ingredients and ethical processes to a different realm of home goods, all while making some of the most refreshing and delicious-smelling candles we have ever used.

We are excited to share a great-smelling, all-natural candle just in time for cozy winter days and nights. You can burn this one without worrying about overpowering artificial scents or hidden toxins being released into the air. You still need to blow it out before you leave the house, though!

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John is the managing editor at CAUSEBOX and a traveling writer who lives on the road with his dog, Hank.