Luna Nectar, Science, and Self-Care

November 29, 2018

Luna Nectar is a thoughtful, honest company that brings minimalism back to the beauty routine without skipping an ounce of self-care. From bamboo product tubes and recycled paper boxes to scientifically-backed natural ingredients, Luna Nectar gracefully combines simplicity and mindfulness. We chatted with founder Mia Kut about her own life experiences and her philosophy on natural beauty products.

Your own experience with natural products starts like so many others — by seeing the scary side effects of chemical-based cosmetics. How did you learn about natural products for beauty and for wellness?

Back in the day when going natural wasn’t as big of a movement, I was a kid who was strangely into clean eating, so much so that even my own mother thought I was being ridiculous as she would take us out for McDonald’s every other day. When other kids would gorge on Coca-Cola and candy, I preferred water and tofu. That transitioned into tinkering around with creating natural products for my skin and hair as a hobby (and really, as a necessity since I didn’t have money to splurge as a kid). In university, I did my first year and a half in Chemistry and enrolled in an elective about alternative medicine. That really reminded me of my roots, got the synapses firing, and I devoured all the information that I could about the connection between natural ingredients, tools, and routines; and their effect on our bodies and mind.

What is the relationship between science and natural ingredients?

Creating effective and safe formulas is science. Even when the ingredients are natural and vegan; each ingredient has different scientific properties, and are effective and safe for human consumption at certain levels. Do you want a product creamier or silkier, or to penetrate the skin faster or slower? There’s a way to adjust for that. Everything is very precise and at Luna Nectar, we formulate everything in our in- house laboratory.

Everyone has their own self-care routine and philosophy. What does self-care mean to you?

Oh man! Self-care is maintaining that balance between work, relationships, and me time. I’ve been learning so much more about it in the past year or so. Nowadays, being ‘too busy’ isn’t a badge of honour. It’s important to take time for yourself to address your needs, and be self-aware about your energy, emotions, and thoughts; so you can give back the best version of yourself in your daily life.

What can you tell us about the metamorphic jade roller in the Winter CAUSEBOX?

It’s my favourite way to cap off my skincare routine! The Metamorphic Jade Roller looks deceptively simple, but it is actually a powerful tool to address circulation, puffiness, lymphatic drainage, and facial tension. Plus, the jade stays perpetually cool so it is like a refreshing at-home facial massage! Apply your moisturizer or serum, then you can use your jade roller to penetrate the product deeper into your skin. It’s amazing for under- eye circles as well.

HOW DO YOU JADE ROLL? We’re excited to introduce you to your new at-home facial massager! This tool will be your best friend when it comes to toning and massaging your face. It’s super easy to use; hold the handle and roll the jade upwards on your face. Use the large end for larger areas of your face (cheeks, forehead, chin) and the smaller end for smaller, more sensitive areas of your face (under eyes, under brows). For a greater soothing effect, keep your jade roller in the fridge to wake up and de-puff your face up with an added cooling sensation.

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