Minimal Accessories You'll Love for Winter

February 21, 2018

It is absolutely mind-boggling that we are already more than halfway through February—where the heck did January go?! Depending on where you live, February often means that winter has officially hit full-force and we are into the third month of the winter wonderland, snowpocalypse, frozen nose-hair season. There are so many things to love about winter...the snow, the cozying up under the blankets, the movie marathons that come with being cooped up inside on the weekends, BUT MOST OF ALL… bundling up with layers and getting creative with the pieces in your closet and looking for what pieces are worth the investment for the sake of staying warm. Here are 8 favorite winter accessories that should be put to GOOD use this winter.

Simple gold ring

So this one may not be strictly for winter, but it can and should definitely still be a winter staple. Either as a fashion statement or as something to fiddle with while bored or feeling anxious—a ring is always a good thing to wear. I have been wearing a gold ring with a chevron, tribal design throughout this winter and it adds a perfect, simple touch to my daily look. Check out one of CAUSEBOX's favorite brands, Soko, for some great ring options!


Another necessary accessory that can be worn year round is a good pair of sunglasses. Although sunglasses typically make you think ‘summer!’… Going outside on a sunny day in the winter without sunglasses can be just as bad as forgetting them in the summer. Especially when the snow covered ground reflects the sun! Whether you’re hitting the slopes or heading out on your commute to work, shop some of our CAUSEBOX faves from TOMS.

Bracelet cuff

If you received the Winter CAUSEBOX, you already know that the Half United Hex Cuff is a beautiful, simplistic accessory to dress up a little extra when you’re going out with friends, or heading to the city for a concert. And of course, anything in gold is an automatic win.

Dark lipstick

Every woman needs to have a little bit of boldness in her life, and that can come in the form of darker shades of lipstick during winter months. It can feel a bit uncomfortable at first to leave home while wearing such a bold color—but you’ll be amazed at how many compliments you get. If you’re not a lipstick wearer, I highly recommend giving it a try. There’s just something a little bit liberating and empowering about trying a new thing!

Cozy socks

A closet is not complete without a few pairs of good cozy socks. Bombas is a great place to start. They make extremely well-made socks and for every pair of socks purchased, another pair is donated to a homeless shelter. They also have ski and snowboard socks that makes wintery-sledding adventures or cuddling-up-on-your-couch so much better.

Blanket scarf

Alright, so blanket scarves are just all around trendy, I know. But are you ready for the world’s greatest life-hack? If you wear a blanket scarf to a movie theatre, you automatically have something to keep you warm. Simply wear it into the movie and when you’re getting comfortable, use it as a blanket. The same thing goes for traveling too! Nobody wants to carry a bunch of extra stuff through an airport. But if you’re wearing a blanket scarf, it can be an extra layer of warmth during a nap on the plane.

Thick winter hat

This one can probably needs no explanation—but everybody needs a quality winter hat to keep those ears warm. A thick, knit hat is a great way to prevent headaches from literal brain freeze. Have you looked into the winter collection created by Krochet Kid Intl? They designed an exclusive beanie for CAUSEBOX this winter, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re in love with everything that they make—and it all helps empower women in Uganda and Peru!

Neutral nail polish

The final accessory that I’ve come to love this winter is a good neutral nail polish that can match anything. Make it a weekly tradition to give yourself 15-20 minutes to pamper yourself with a new nail polish color. A winter favorite is OPI’s Suzi and LA Smog by Lauren B. Beauty. The deep colors that look almost gray or black, are perfect for this time of year.

The best part of all of these winter accessories is that they can fit pretty much any person’s style. If you live more on the simple side of fashion...stick with the basics and choose one or two accessories to add to your outfit. And if you want a bolder look, combine 3 or 4 of these accessories at once and rock them like a champ!

Emily is a proud born Michigander who loves camping, coffee and petting golden retriever puppies.