Pack Like a Pro

October 5, 2019

We reached out to three expert travelers and organizers to share their best tips on how to pack your carry-on:

Marlina Moreno @marlinamoreno uses packing cubes to stay organized. "They make unpacking and repacking on the road a breeze because they can quickly be moved from your luggage into drawers and back again." She recommends packing one or two reusable plastic space saver bags to store your dir ty garments. When it’s time to head home simply seal it air tight to make some extra space for souvenirs you collect during your travels!

Maryam Baduna @homganize maximizes space in her carry-on by stuffing shoes with items like socks, gloves, ties, glasses cases and other little items that can fit in there without getting damaged.

Monica Leed @simplyspaced recommends keeping it neutral. "Neutrals go with everything and work well in any season. Save your bold moments for the home front and pack items that work well with each other." Her pro tip? Pack a pair of nude pumps to instantly dress up any outfit.

Click here to download a packing list!

John is the managing editor at CAUSEBOX and a traveling writer who lives on the road with his dog, Hank.