The 411 on the PMD Clean

The PMD Clean has a bit of an all-star fan club. GQ, Real Simple, and New York Magazine have all recommended it to their readers. One writer at Refinery29 “couldn’t stop singing the praises of the PMD — according to her glowing review (and complexion, might I add), her acne has calmed down significantly, with no new zits cropping up since beginning to use the device.”

A few of our own at CAUSEBOX are equally zealous about it, including one of our featured members. Felicia loves all things skincare and is particularly passionate about clean beauty. For her upcoming birthday, she had asked her boyfriend for a PMD Clean, so when we reached out to see if she’d be interested in trying it out and telling us about her experience, she was pretty excited. She used the PMD for seven days and documented her experience.

DAY 1 “Wow, I’m truly impressed with how my skin feels after the first use. My skin feels so soft!”

The PMD Clean uses SonicGlowTM technology that vibrates 7,000 times per minute, the perfect frequency for building collagen and toning skin.

DAY 2 “I love how my serum and moisturizer are being massaged into my skin. I feel like they’re more effective because they’re able to penetrate deeper into my skin.”

The head has two sides: one for cleansing and one for anti-aging massage. The team at PMD Beauty recommends using the anti-aging massager to apply serums and moisturizers.

DAY 3 “I’m enjoying my nighttime skincare routine more now with the PMD Clean. It’s an at home facial every night before bed!”

Before the PMD Clean there was the PMD Personal Microderm. Microdermabrasion is a type of skin treatment where the skin is lightly sanded using micronized crystals to remove the dead, dull top layer, and with the PMD Personal Microderm customers could do this at home.

PMD’s customers often asked how best to take care of their skin between treatments, and so the PMD Clean was born.

DAY 4 “My skin was purging a little in the beginning but I can see it clearing up. I’m also definitely noticing that the texture of my skin is softer.”

The soft silicone bristles are designed to get into your pores for a nice deep clean. There are two length bristles so you can customize. At the tip of the brush, there are larger bristles for tougher to reach spots around the nose

and chin. The smaller ones along the bottom provide a more gentle scrub.

DAY 5 “I feel like my cleanser and serum are working double time with PMD.”

There are four modes in total: two for the brush and two for the anti-aging massager. The lower vibration speed is ideal for more sensitive skin.

DAY 6 “After a whole day with makeup, it feels so good to double cleanse my face using PMD.”

Made with silicone, PMD is also odor- resistant, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and waterproof. You’ll never need to worry about swapping out the brush head.

DAY 7 “My skin has definitely improved. I feel like it’s helping to restore my skin barrier.”

Megan is an author and photographer from Orange County, California