SiiZU: Material Impact

November 12, 2019

SiiZU is one of the most innovative fashion brands we’ve ever encountered. With a commitment to sustainable materials, forward-thinking styles, and fair-trade wages for its artisans, the brand delivers stylish products that are good for people and for the planet.

Kay Wen, one SiiZU’s founders, remembers what drove her and her friends to start the brand in 2016, “We were surprised by the genuine lack of eco-friendly options available for average shoppers like ourselves — who are looking for sustainable pieces that are stylish but not exuberantly expensive.”

The convertible gloves in the Winter CAUSEBOX are the latest in SiiZU’s long line of fashionable goods made from remarkable materials. Wen explains, “The recycled polyester that is featured on our convertible gloves originally came from recycled PET and polyester fabrics. These materials were cleaned, broken down into smaller, thin chips, and then woven back into yarn.”

Recycled polyester combines the beneficial properties of the synthetic fabric with the ability to recycle existing petroleum products into long-lasting gloves. Recycled polyester doesn’t require new petroleum in the production process, helping to lower the overall carbon footprint and environmental impact of the fabric.

Sustainable materials are one of the largest ways that brands and consumers can change the environmental impact of the fashion industry. SiiZU inspires us with its innovative sourcing and miraculous new materials. Wen says, “Our sourcing team travels to many trade shows throughout the year to learn about the latest innovations in the fabric world. This recycled material is one of the many that we have learned about, and we will continue to source for even better materials in the future!”

John is the managing editor at CAUSEBOX and a traveling writer who lives on the road with his dog, Hank.