Why We Started Sharing Good News

July 27, 2017

Nowadays, it seems that all you read in the news and and see on TV is bad news — but there are so many positive, purposeful, and encouraging things that don’t make the headlines. We wanted to create a place to escape from all of the noise, and focus on some of the positive and inspiring things that miss center stage. We wanted to create a place to focus on Good News. There is a lot of good to focus on. We wanted to create a place to share more about brands that are making a difference, people that are affecting change, and stories that will inspire action, love, and light. 

Currently, all of the mainstream publishers prioritize headlines that foster fear and anger — they are piggybacking off of the psychological impulse that compels us to slow down for car crashes or share an article about the latest political fiasco. Sure, it is hard to walk away from the political circus, or shake your curiosity when there is a traffic jam... but just because it’s hard to resist this impulse, doesn’t mean that it should be exploited by the people who we trust to share the news. If the only thing that we are fed is negative stories, we will grow used to them, until only the most grotesque and negative stories can keep us clicking. At CAUSEBOX we believe that this sells us all short. We also believe that this is not a healthy environment to live in, learn in, and love in.

We all need to learn how to love better, and we need stories that remind us how and inspire us toward action. We all need to learn how to be more generous and open-minded, and we need stories and news and research to urge us in this direction. We all need to be more deliberate about protecting the environment that we live in and the people around us — and we need encouragement and advice to keep us moving in this direction. Unfortunately, one short glance at a newspaper or a popular news website is enough to discern that this is simply not something we can expect to find without significant effort. In fact, one short glance at a newspaper is more likely to inform you of the most recent act of terrorism, conflict in the White House, or case of corporate greed. We don’t expect to compete with The New York Times or The Washington Post or CNN or Fox News — but we do want to give you a place to escape from it all from time to time, because if you’re anything like us, sometimes you need to. Sometimes you just need a bit of Good News.

This is our passion project. It’s bigger than a company blog — it’s CAUSEBOX Online. It will be as beautiful, thoughtful, and worthwhile as your favorite box. We have a few articles up, but this is just the start. We will be adding several stories, posts, and interviews each week — and we can’t wait to celebrate the good with you.

Matt is the co-founder and CEO of CAUSEBOX. Outside of the office, he spends most of his time writing, reading, packrafting, and hitch hiking.