Why You Should Be More Conscious Of The Brands You Support

March 7, 2018

It’s simple. You vote with your dollar. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying gas, shoes, coffee, or a burger. When you hand over your money for a product, you are saying “Yes! I support the manufacturing, marketing, and sales of this product.” This is exactly why you need to do your research and never stray from your morals. When you do a little digging, you may not agree with everything this product is offering you, your community, or the planet.

No one wants to support sweatshops, unethical wages, or extreme pollution, right? Well most people unintentionally support these things, unaware of what they’re doing or the consequences. Some of the biggest corporations in the fashion industry commit all of these moral crimes and most consumers don’t even realize it! As a society we have become so disconnected from the things we wear, eat, and purchase--which is why we have to start being more proactive in researching brands before we vote yes to them. Nowadays, a lot of brands are becoming more ethical because of the rise in conscious consumers (like you!). This increase has created a domino effect on all fronts of the manufacturing industry. Making non-GMO food, sweatshop-free fashion, and more natural materials more accessible to more people. It’s amazing and we are moving in the right direction for sure.

There are so many brands out there that now cater to people who want to be more ethical consumers. It’s fantastic to have options, but it can definitely be overwhelming trying to do your homework, especially as many brands obscure things as much as possible. Thankfully, more brands and more resources are committing to ethical practices and consumer education every day. And people like you are forcing them to by learning what matters and voting with your dollars.

Jane Olivia is a 17 year old with a passion to make a difference in the world by helping to open people's eyes to a healthier, more meaningful life. She talks about eating more consciously through a plant based diet, contributing less to waste, supporting ethically made goods, purchasing cruelty-free + natural products, practicing yoga + meditation, and being the best person you can be in the present. She creates countless vegan recipes on her blog that are made with simple ingredients, makes lifestyle videos, gives information about why she supports cruelty-free, and talks about holistic nutrition and how it can truly change your life for the better. It's a journey and Jane is here to help you along the way.